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Colorful LED Beauty Mask

Skin led mask uses the principle of light irradiation, safe and simple, and can be reused to achieve the purpose of facial skin care. It is a fundamental solution to whitening, skin aging problems, namely: to make cells live improved; promo cell metabolism, skin collagen secretion white and fibrous tissue to fill itself, accelerate blood reflux, increase skin bomb, improve skin complexion, dull conditions, so as to achieve whitening, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle, blemish and other repair effects. Skin led mask uses 7 different colors; each light has a different effect, handling different skin problems.

Luminosity grape facial

Dry to normal skin facial. Cleanses, Purifies, Provides elasticity, Firmness, Luminosity
Also from our organic vegan line Vid Esencial.

Rose revive facial

Facial for sensitive, devitalized and dehydrated skin, ideal for cleaning, purifying, its antioxidant, healing and regenerating. Meet our totally organic, vegan; free of toxic substances Vid Esencial line.

Detox/Peeling facial

Tired and opaque skin and not with an aspect you like? These are clear signals that your skin is crying out for freshness. The magic formula? Detox! It’s proven that by activating the skins natural detoxification systems prevents the loss of vitality and premature signs associated with aging of the skin. Detox Fluid contains substances that support the natural process of the skin to defragment the component of damaged skin cells.

Facial Cupping

Enjoying and experimenting the cupping facial is soothing and relaxing; as well as it offers many advantages and various benefits. Through a light suction that fells like a massage, the skin tissue is lifted. This results in the cleansing of the lymph nodes. As a result, the tissue receives fresh and nutritious oxygen, while toxins and other damaging substances are eliminated. Excess fluid is also drained and facial muscles relax.

Hydra magnetic facial for gentlemen

We utilize a product especially for the gentlemen’s skin, cool cleansing gel “Ice” effect. This black texture transforms into white foam that provides a new sensation of cleanliness.

Oxy facial

Factors like stress, the sun, smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages in excess, cause the skin to lose vitality, giving space to spots, photo aging and inability to produce collagen and elastin.
An oxygenating facial treatment will provide the necessary oxygen to keep it radiant increasing cellular respiration. When we oxygenate the skin, we facilitate skin respiration so it will look healthier.
These are some of the benefits of the oxy facial:
-Tonicity and firmness.
-Elimination and acne treatment.
-Stimulation of collagen production.
-Suppression of damage caused by free radicals.
And more…

Refreshing facial

Express facial with 30 minute duration, enough time to rest, relax and moisturize and the steps to follow are: Take make up off, Facial cleansing, facial toning, Exfoliation, Face mask, Moisturizer and sunscreen.

Beauty globes

This is a new treatment, two cold spheres, help desensitize the skin, lower the redness of the skin, close pores, relaxes, refreshes, an ideal treatment for any type of skin, you’ll love it.

Led mask

These masks offer different possibilities for a complete care, in function of the necessities of the skin. In fact, there are five different chromo therapies, among which we find: red light, specific to reaffirm; green light to treat a skin with acne or lack of oxygen; or blue light, to eliminate toxins and recover an illuminated face.


Dermarolling is a skin treatment and dermaroller is the device that is used to carry out the process. The dermaroller is rolled over the skin in order to create tiny skin punctures which helps in skin repairing. The whole process leads to the creation of new collagen that is part of the connective tissue that is responsible for the strength, firmness, suppleness and elasticity in skin.

Hanacure facial o zombie facial

This treatment balances the secretion of sebum and regulates oily and sensitive skin, restoring its natural balance. Stimulates cellular metabolism to accelerate processes such as regeneration. A luminous skin is achieved, and helps to blur and improve small scars, wrinkles or acne marks.

European Facial

Deep cleansing treatment. It gives brightness and reverses the tired appearance.  It induces relaxation.  Correct dehydration, prevents aging and its signs, it gives the skin a smooth tightening effect.

Moisturizing Facial

Is recommended for people with signs of dehydration, mature skin, stress skins, skins over-exposed to the Sun and with loss of firmness.

Nourishing Facial

Is recommended for people with signs of premature aging or lines due to stress or poor eating habits.

Acne Control Facial

For skins which present alterations of acne. Its main purpose is to regulate sebaceous secretion, the follicle cleaning and balance of Ph (acidity) of the skin.

Radiofrequency Facial

The radiofrequency facial is an effective, safe and simple alternative applied to decrease facial flaccidity. It increases circulation to improve the metabolism of the subcutaneous tissue, as well as the improvement of the appearance of the skin. It allows to create new collagen and elastin helping to improve the firmness and skin rejuvenation.


These are some of the benefits of microdermabrasion:
-Increases the circulation of blood capillaries getting a more nourished and oxygenated skin and therefore more healthy
-Reduces the effects of aging of the skin by excess of sun exposure
-Attenuates expression lines and fine wrinkles .
And more…

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