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The technique of maderotherapy uses wooden instruments that rub against the skin in different intensities. Each one has a particular shape that adapts to the natural curves of the human body, with the purpose of molding and improving it. The instruments used in maderotherapy, designed to adapt to different areas of the body, they’re made out of wood because this material- one of the five elements of nature, that oriental cultures already used to manufacture utensils for therapeutic purposes-, it is considered beneficious for health.

Electro stimulation

Electrical stimulation is a type of physical therapy modality used to accomplish various tasks in physical therapy. If you have an injury or illness that causes pain or limited functional mobility, your PT may use electrical stimulation, or E-stim, as one part of your rehabilitation program.
Electrical stimulation is used for many reasons in PT. It can be used to administer medication for inflammation. Electrical stimulation may be used to contract muscles that are weak or not functioning well. E-Stim may also be used to help decrease pain or spasm.

Venezuelan bandages

Is a solution based on natural extracts without chemical preservatives, applied by bandages, without bouncing, helps circulation problems, retention and cellulite, Venezuelan bandages do not dehydrate your body on the contrary they detoxify, losing up to 10 centimeters since the first session.

Mud wrap

Relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation, helps maintain an adequate metabolism, generating a positive impact on digestion; it is very useful in conditions of inflammation and swelling and relieves pain.

Inch-loss body wrap

Specifically designed to better contour your body through cleansing, toning and tightening of the skin, it helps eliminate toxins of the body, you will be wrapped up tight while concentrated minerals work their magic!

Body ice therapy

Body ice therapy is based on applying ice directly to some parts of the body, such as the most flaccid parts or those where you have more fat or overweight. This technique appeared in Mexico and it’s a cold massage that when mixed with exercise and a healthy diet, denotes great positive effects in your organism, besides that it produces the generation of new cells.

Reductive massage

The reductive massage is used as a method to combat and eliminate accumulation of fat of a zone located in the body, like buttocks or abdomen. Also, favors the expulsion of toxins, benefits the blood flow and improves the digestive system, among other advantages. With this type of massage it is possible to reduce between 5 and 10 cm of the volume of the worked area and stylize the figure, as long as it is complemented with a healthy diet and physical activity. The reductive massage is not an effective solution to lose weight in general, but to reduce the localized fatty deposits that bother us so much.


Cavitation is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses ultrasound technology to reduce fat cells in targeted parts of the body. It is possible to eliminate those accumulations of fat that affect the silhouette of the human body appearing in the majority of the patients, the results since the first session come to be eliminating up to 2 centimeters per session. But there are other benefits that exist, like final result a very soft and smooth skin, a lot of harmful toxins for the organism are eliminated, favors circulation and regulates intestinal transit in a high percentage.


Radiofrequency produces a deep heating that affects the skin and subcutaneous fat tissue. A heat that we could say goes inside out. Said heating will favor:
-The formation of new collagen, both in the skin and in the subcutaneous tissue, allowing all tissue to acquire firmness thanks to the reorganization of the fibrous septa and overlying dermal thickening.
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