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Relieving Massage

This massage relies on a chiropractic practice with deep manipulations in order to rearrange the joints, bone/muscle system and spine.

During the massage, the patient feels a great relief and comfort in the most affected areas, with special emphasis on the neck, back, lumbar region, not forgetting also legs and thighs, this will be done by applying different maneuvers, techniques and specific pressure, on tense and tired muscles, helping them to regain their initial function and normal mobility.

Swedish massage:

Swedish massage consists of a gentle massage on all parts of the body always going against the blood flow direction.

The movements of this massage focuses on the improvement of blood circulation, and all of these are anti-circulatory which improves the cardiovascular activity and enables the hearth to work better.

Candle Massage

This is a massage targeted towards people that are mentally tired, stressed out and wish to disconnect for a while. It is a very gentle full body cure and neuro-sedative therapy, which manages to calm and soothe the thoughts that come and go in our minds. This treatment is made with special candles for massages; These candles are suitable and created for this purpose only.

Therapeutic massage

This massage consists of a series of maneuvers aimed at addressing the discomfort or injuries that have previously been diagnosed. ALL maneuvers have been well explored over time and are based on the anatomy and the physiology of the muscle and fascial. This body therapy uses a series of techniques based on friction, rubing, kneading and mechanical movements of affected áreas of the body.

Massage Sabai Tai (healing pillows/pouches)

This is an aromatic massage based on the heat application therapy and the principles of active natural aromatherapy (herbs and essential oils) This massage is used to release and relax the body by touching different reflexology points using healing pillows (small pouches filled with various herbs and essential oils). This therapy promotes the muscle relaxation, as well as releasing any sore areas of the body. This Sedative level is obtained by the placement of the small bags, of herbs and oils, in strategic points of the body thus allowing a deep relaxation, enabling relief of aches, pains and stress reduction.

Kinesio taping

Kinesio taping is the bandage of neuromuscular system acting as a physical support, it helps our organism to activate its own process of self-healing without altering or affecting mobility and circulation. Bandage, allows feedback and the body interprets it, and acts. Therefore, kinesio taping is a completely natural method of self-healing.

Kinesis tapping is used for releaving pain and allowing the body to heal the affected area. This is done by the use of strips of Kinesiotape. By strategically applying them to the inflamed area of the body, this allows to lift the skin away from the muscle thus creating more space, releaving pain quickly and improving lymphatic drainage thus expelling waste products arising from the injury.

Relaxing massage for kids

The relaxing massage for kids is an excellent form of stimulation. With the techniques applied on the kids massage, the central nervous system of the child is stimulated, also it helps the kid calm down, and to sensitize them from their body.


The conotherapy helps regulate head or ear pressure, if you are suffering from a disease like flu and colds, rhinitis, sinusitis, and headaches. It also removes excessive or compacted wax in the ears.

Hot Stone Massage Or Geothermal

This type of therapy uses hot stones to help the therapist address problem areas with more detail. Some pressure is applied with the stones, just let your therapist know how mucho pressure you want (low, medium, or high).
During the massage these stones are located along the spine, hands and feet in order to allow better muscle relaxation and blood flow.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A holistic approach to promoting a healthy lymphatic system.
The lymphatic system is responsible of moving toxins away from healthy cells through its complex network of nodes. This therapy allows us to help the lymphatic system pump out all those toxins, which it can’t do on its own. This is completely painless; it is done through a light touch relaxing massage focusing on certain areas.
Recommended for those with high level of water retention, people who have had surgeries, baby or for weight loss.

Deep Tissue Massage

Designated to reach muscles bellow the surface of the top muscles and connective tissue, it allows those with great deal of stress or physical activity to relax and unwind.
You might feel a light discomfort during this massage due to the fact that your muscles are very tight, but please let your therapist know how much pressure you can take. This discomfort may persist a bit during and after your massage but it will go away leaving your muscles relaxed and renewed.

Massage Post-operative

Massage recommended after a surgery to recover sensibility, eliminate fibrosis or hardening, reduce inflammation, accelerate the healing process and match the skins color and smoothness.

Aromatherapy Massage

A relaxing massage combined with essences, make the aromatherapy massage a great way to unload the week’s stress.
Depending on the aroma you choose, this therapy can help you unwind, feel balances or stimulate your mind. An aromatherapy massage brings you a sense of peace, and stimulates your physical and emotional health.

Neck and Back Massage (Therapeutic or Relaxing)

Relieves pain, generally caused by stress, bad posture or overexertion.
We don’t usually pay attention, but the neck is one body’s of the most exposed zone to injuries and contractures

Massage Tired Legs

Activated the circulation, decongest, relaxes, and reduces inflammation in this body’s area where liquids have accumulated due to excessive walking or long periods of time on one single posture.


Consists in the application of a very specific massage in certain reflex points of the feet (Foot Reflexology), the hands (Manual Reflexology) by which we stimulate the self-healing mechanism of the organism itself, thus favoring the persons balance and healing.

Ion Detox

Detoxification through ionized water. This therapy allows you to release toxins stored in you body by putting your feet in warm water while it is being charged with negative and positive ions. These ions attach themselves to the toxins in your body and are drawned out through your skin.  This therapy is not for those with pacemakers, or any sort of metal in the body (dental work is ok).

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