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Egyptian bandage treatment

This treatment is done using bandages soaked in a special cold solution which serves as corporal reaffirmation. This allows to improve circulatory problems such as varicose veins, as well as cellulitis of the flaccid type. It also helps people with circulatory problems and very tired painful legs.

Warm Bandages

Hot bandages are one of the most effective cosmetics in slimming, reducing and firming treatments thanks to its formulations and the high quality of the active ingredients it contains. Placed around the area to treat. They will help us drain and dissolve fat and toxins naturally and without risks, achieve remarkable results in a very short time.


This mixture of oil and sea salts, focused mostly on knees, elbows, and heels is designed to soften all the rough spots on our bodies. It is designed to clear our body of impurities and dead skin cells, to better absorb the products put on after the scrub and help to reduce expression lines.

Nourishing Body Wrap

Recommended after an exfoliation, it stimulates collagen in the skin helping it to hydrate tone and look youthful and radiant.

This treatment has a great array of products such as clay, wine, nutrient agents like fruits and vegetables, scents and essences and much more.

Bridal Veil

Don’t be fooled by the name, this treatment is ideal for anyone that wants a spa day, relaxation completely in a comfort zone, without pressure, without noise, with pleasant aromas and top quality products. Here is what this fabulous treatment includes:
Relaxing massage
Refreshing facial
Access to the sauna
Body exfoliation
Body wrap
Enjoy from a glass of wine, tea from the house or our rosemary water.

Rejuvenating Treatment Of Hands or Feet

Removes dead skin by exfoliating, using paraffin for a hydration treatment, finishing with a relaxing massage in the treated area.

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